Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's On My Mind

Well I'm just an ordinary teenage girl trying to make her way through high school and lose weight. Speaking of high school, finals are literally around the corner and tbh I cba to do anything about it. The word final is equivalent to every eleventh grader's nightmare and our school website is just so weird there's this picture of this kid smiling and its like he's going to come stab me in my sleep. I'm pretty sure he's everyone's nightmare. Anyway so the school gave us 'spring break' but it's more like 2 weeks to get ready to shit your pants because we're going to make this final impossible for you to pass. I'm so grateful for their generosity. The best part is that my last day of school is April 21st and then its summer baby. Seniors 15' are going to show the school something they haven't seen before. What's so frustrating is that senior year means making a great impression to universities which is what I desperately want and need, but my SAT scores aren't what I expected them to be, luckily I'm repeating it June so hopefully everything will go my way. The Life of Me - a cheesy tale of a lost teenage girl.